Who we are

Ph.D. students are often under the impression that their post-graduate school career must fall into one of two categories: academia or industry. This is entirely untrue, as there exists a multitude of challenging and fulfilling careers for newly minted PhDs. The mission of the Graduate Business & Consulting Club at UNC-Chapel Hill is to educate and prepare advanced degree students for alternative career options, with a focus on management consulting, through events, workshops, and competitions. We host interview workshops, have monthly seminars with guest speakers and host monthly networking events.

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The Duke Advanced Professional Degree (APD) Consulting Club prepares students for their future management consulting careers. Duke APD Consulting Club members participate in real industry and non-profit management consulting projects, case interview practices, project management training, and interviews with current and incoming consultants. Our goal is to help you realize your career plan as a management consultant.

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Past Competitions

2017 Competition
2019 Competition